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A double chin, medically known as submental fat, can be a source of frustration despite diet and exercise efforts. At AZALA Skin Clinic in the Coral Gables area, our specialized double chin reduction procedures offer effective solutions to sculpt and contour the chin and neck area, providing a more refined and youthful silhouette.

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What is Double Chin Reduction?

Double chin reduction at AZALA involves advanced procedures designed to target and eliminate excess fat beneath the chin. Our expert practitioners tailor each treatment to address specific concerns, ensuring a personalized approach for optimal results.

Common Concerns Addressed

Our double chin reduction treatments effectively address:

  • Excess submental fat
  • Sagging or loose skin in the chin and neck area
  • Lack of jawline definition
  • Unwanted fullness beneath the chin

Benefits of Double Chin Reduction

Experience the transformative benefits of double chin reduction at AZALA Skin Clinic:

A Defined Jawline

Achieve a more sculpted and contoured jawline for an elegant profile.

Improved Facial Harmony

Restore balance and proportion to the face by reducing excess fat beneath the chin.

Youthful Contour

Enhance the overall youthful appearance of the lower face and neck.

Boosted Confidence

Say goodbye to self-consciousness and welcome a renewed sense of self.

A Non-Surgical Solution

Enjoy the benefits of non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments with little downtime.

Our Personalized Approach

Treatments are tailored to suit individual anatomy and aesthetic goals.

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The Procedure

The double chin reduction procedure at AZALA Skin Clinic involves a comprehensive evaluation and customized treatment plan. Depending on your specific needs, our expert practitioners may recommend Kybella® injections. This series of injections contains synthetic deoxycholic acid, which breaks down and absorbs fat cells beneath the chin.

Recovery From Double Chin Treatment

Recovery after double chin reduction treatments is generally well-tolerated, with minimal side effects. Patients may experience:

  • Temporary Swelling: Swelling is common but typically subsides within a few days.
  • Bruising: Some bruising may occur but can be concealed with makeup.
  • Tenderness: The treated area may feel tender, but any discomfort is usually mild and temporary.
  • Resume Activities: Most patients can resume their regular activities shortly after their session, making it convenient for your busy schedule.
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Who is a Candidate for Double Chin Reduction?

Ideal candidates for double chin reduction at AZALA Skin Clinic include individuals who:

  • Have excess submental fat
  • Desire a more sculpted and defined jawline
  • Seek non-surgical or minimally invasive options
  • Are in good overall health with realistic expectations
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Why Choose AZALA Skin Clinic Near Coral Gables for Double Chin Reduction?

Choose AZALA for double chin reduction and benefit from our cutting-edge technologies and patient-centric care. Your comfort, safety, and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Reclaim a refined profile and elevate your confidence with double chin reduction at AZALA Skin Clinic. Book your consultation today.

Double Chin Reduction FAQ

How many sessions are required for optimal results?

Is there any discomfort during the procedure?

When will I see results?

Can double chin reduction be combined with other procedures?

How many sessions are required for optimal results?

The number of sessions varies based on the selected treatment. Our specialists will provide a personalized plan during your consultation.

Is there any discomfort during the procedure?

Discomfort is minimal, and our practitioners take measures to ensure your comfort throughout the process.

When will I see results?

Results are gradual and may become noticeable over a few weeks to months, depending on the chosen treatment.

Can double chin reduction be combined with other procedures?

Depending on your aesthetic goals, a combination of treatments may be recommended for enhanced overall results.

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The treatments we offer share the philosophy of the Azala Method: minimally invasive procedures with excellent results allowing the patient an immediate return to their daily routine.

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