Illuminate Your Skin’s Brilliance 

AZALA Skin Clinic provides a spectrum of laser treatments near Coral Gables designed to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Our comprehensive laser treatment offerings are tailored to your preferences to help you experience the radiant and youthful skin of your dreams.

What Laser Treatments Do You Offer?

At AZALA Skin Clinic, we offer three cutting-edge laser treatments, each designed to address specific skin concerns:

Clear + Brilliant

This gentle yet powerful fractional laser treatment near Coral Gables targets issues such as fine lines and uneven skin tone. It’s ideal for preventative skincare or subtle improvements in skin texture.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Versatile and non-invasive, IPL uses broad-spectrum light to address pigmentation irregularities. It’s well suited for various skin concerns, delivering overall skin rejuvenation.

Vbeam Laser

Also known as pulsed dye laser (PDL), Vbeam laser is a non-invasive treatment targeting vascular and pigmented lesions.

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What Issues Can These Laser Treatments Address?

Explore the diverse capabilities of our laser treatments at AZALA Skin Clinic:

  • Clear + Brilliant: It targets early signs of aging, sun damage, and enlarged pores. Clear and Brilliant Laser offers improved skin tone and texture, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and enhanced radiance.
  • IPL: Versatility shines as IPL addresses sun damage, rosacea, and uneven pigmentation. It delivers improved skin tone and clarity, a reduction in pigmentation irregularities, and minimized redness.
  • Vbeam: This effectively addresses concerns such as rosacea, facial redness, spider veins, and broken blood vessels. It offers precise energy delivery for enhanced results.
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What are the Benefits of Laser Treatments?

Unveil a revitalized complexion with our laser treatments, designed for precision and transformative results.

  • Precise and targeted improvement
  • Collagen stimulation for firmer skin
  • Versatile treatment options
  • Minimal downtime and quick recovery
  • Safe and non-invasive solutions

    The Procedures

    Experience the advanced techniques behind our laser treatments:

    Clear + Brilliant

    A topical anesthetic is applied for your comfort during the brief 20-to-30-minute session. You’ll feel a warm sensation as your practitioner glides the laser handpiece across your skin, emitting pulses of laser energy.


    This procedure emits light of various wavelengths, similar to a photo flash, across your skin. The majority of patients find IPL treatments generally tolerable, with sensations often likened to a mild snapping with a rubber band.


    This procedure delivers rapid pulses of dyed laser energy to the skin. Similarly to IPL, it might feel like the gentle snapping of a rubber band on the skin. 

    Recovery from Laser Treatments

    The laser treatments offered at AZALA Skin Clinic in the Coral Gables area are particularly convenient as they offer minimal downtime. Here’s what to expect for each of these treatments:

    • Clear + Brilliant: You’ll experience some redness that should resolve in the week after treatment. You may experience dry or flaky skin during this time. The healing process should take about a week.
    • IPL: Immediately following your IPL photofacial session, you might observe a blotchy appearance, slight redness, and mild swelling on your skin. Additionally, you may notice darkening of sun spots or pigmentation. It’s typical for the skin to experience a sensation of tightness, akin to a mild sunburn. Recovery time varies, but it may last for about a week.
    • Vbeam: Post-treatment, any redness should diminish within a few hours, allowing you to apply makeup immediately for concealing. If scabbing occurs in the treatment area, it's advisable to allow it to heal naturally. Generally, side effects from Vbeam are minimal, typically lasting no more than a few days after the treatment.

    Who is a Candidate for Laser Treatments?

    Explore if our laser treatments are the right fit for you:

    • Ideal candidates for Clear + Brilliant: Those seeking preventative skincare or subtle improvements in skin texture.
    • Ideal candidates for IPL: Individuals experiencing pigmentation irregularities, redness, or desiring overall skin rejuvenation. 
    • Ideal candidates for Vbeam: Those with concerns like rosacea, facial redness, spider veins, or broken blood vessels.
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    Why Choose AZALA Skin Clinic in the Coral Gables area for Laser Treatments?

    AZALA Skin Clinic is distinguished by its commitment to excellence and the use of advanced technologies. Helmed by Paula Brezavscek, a board-certified physician associate, ensure a personalized and results-driven laser treatment experience, tailored to your unique skin concerns. To get started on your journey, schedule a consultation today.

    Laser Treatments FAQ

    How long does each laser treatment session typically last?

    Are these laser treatments suitable for all skin types?

    How soon can I expect to see results after laser treatment?

    Can laser treatments be combined with other skincare procedures?

    How long does each laser treatment session typically last?

    Sessions vary in duration, with Clear + Brilliant and IPL usually taking 30 to 45 minutes, and Vbeam laser sessions typically lasting 15 to 30 minutes.

    Are these laser treatments suitable for all skin types?

    Yes, these treatments are suitable for various skin types. Our practitioners will assess your skin during the consultation to tailor the treatment to your unique characteristics.

    How soon can I expect to see results after laser treatment?

    Results may vary, but many patients experience improvements after the first session. Optimal results are typically achieved with a series of sessions as recommended by our practitioners.

    Can laser treatments be combined with other skincare procedures?

    Depending on your skincare goals, our practitioners may recommend combining laser treatments with other procedures for enhanced results. Consult with us to create a personalized treatment plan.

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    The treatments we offer share the philosophy of the Azala Method: minimally invasive procedures with excellent results allowing the patient an immediate return to their daily routine.

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